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Always Remember


Too often today when a wedding or an important event comes along people rush to put a camera up so they won’t miss a moment.  Unfortunately, due to the setting, conditions, and the inability to watch multiple angles at once, it’s very possible you can miss the thing you most wanted to see, or worse, you get stuck manning a camera and have to work the whole event.  That’s why when your kids are playing for the state title, your daughter is getting married, or that once in a lifetime band concert happens, we’ll work with you to make sure we can capture the event using techniques gleaned from working on television and film projects. You shouldn’t have to miss out on the excitement of your

children’s wedding just because you’re stuck manning a

camera. You should be allowed to enjoy the events

that matter...

Because if you don’t enjoy yourself the first time,

why would the re-runs be any better.







Every job is different.

Some weddings can require two or three additional microphones, a backdrop kit, lighting, and an additional cameras.  Others may be adequate with two cameras and room ambient  audio.  Situation is everything when you are dealing with the variables of live video production.  Think your event through, and we’ll work to balance what you desire with what you require.

Roberts Wedding 2009 Crtalic Wedding 2012
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